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LFI Medical has been a leading manufacturer of precision components and sub-assemblies for over thirty-five years. We specialize in the manufacturing of high precision minimally invasive surgical instruments. Our capabilities include laser cutting, laser welding, swiss screw machining, wire EDM, tube bending, and a wide variety of secondary operations such as laser marking and passivation. These diverse set of capabilities, partnered with our ISO 13485 certification enable us to provide our customers with world-class turnkey manufacturing services. We partner with our customer to optimize design for manufacturability and our rapid development program consists of a team of manufacturing experts dedicated to the rapid production of components and subassemblies. Our comprehensive offerings provide a smooth experience from initial proof of concept prototypes into full-scale production. LFI Medical is headquartered and located in Smithfield, RI.

Since 2002 LFI medical has been a recipient of OSHA’s SHARPS award.  This is their highest standard of safety for small businesses.  Learn more here (link is:https://www.osha.gov/dcsp/smallbusiness/sharp.html)

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